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1. Smart Cities

2. Environmental Justice

3. Quality Healthcare

4. Present and Accessible

District 65 is one of the districts that is and will be most heavily impacted by environmental issues, due to the amount of open undeveloped land, increased illegal dumping, lack of nutritious food sources, compromised air quality, and unbalanced economic transportation resources.


What are the Top 4 Environmental Justice Issues in District 65?

Industrial and Illegal Waste Dumping: There has been a rash of high quantity dumping of tires, trash and furniture in District 65. I have been speaking on the residents’ behalf on this issue since last year. Our government needs tougher penalties for dumping, to provide security cameras in dumping hotspots and to make sure violators are held accountable. The dumping has an effect on our health and the aesthetics of our community. I will work with government officials to bring about resolve.


Food Deserts: District 65 lacks access to supermarkets and other sources of affordable, nutritious foods necessary for maintaining a healthy diet. Food deserts play a major role in the quality of health for the citizens of District 65. As Vice Chair of the South Fulton Food Policy Council, I am working towards increasing access to nutritional food, which is medicine to the body for District 65 residents. I am also currently working with local farmers, whom all reside in District 65, to bring fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to schools in our district and throughout the State of Georgia.

Transit Justice: I have already been working on behalf of District 65 residents by attending and participating in five Transit Master Plan Meetings hosted by the Aerotropolis Atlanta CID and the Atlanta Regional Commission. The transit study affects Chattahoochee Hills, Fairburn, Palmetto, South Fulton and Union City, and Douglasville is not left behind. The proposed transit for City of South Fulton is linked to Douglasville, connecting to South Fulton Parkway. There are environmental and economic benefits to public transit justice. South Fulton is in need of an improved transit justice system, but there is a fear of the emission of carbon particulate matter and nitrogen oxides that develop into smog and contribute to the asthma and other health problems. A state environmental justice plan can help raise state and municipal standards so that District 65 can have a smart transit.

Urban Green Space: By sitting on the board of Keep South Fulton Beautiful, I have been able to see first-hand how our green space is extremely important to the quality of life to District 65 citizens. The majority of the board living in District 65 and has advocated on behalf of residents to ensure that our green space is protected. I created a concept called Protecting Our Green Space (POGS). As your next State Representative, I would like to enact POGS on a state level, requiring municipalities create a POGS related program. POGS is designed to work with the Economic Development Departments of municipalities, helping to strengthen the voices of community members when projects are presented that would adversely or positively impact our greenspace. The initiative is part of my proposed Smart Growth Plan. Although there have been recent land use challenges in our district, increasing open spaces can be beneficial to District 65 residents by providing quality medical facilities, recreation centers for our youth and seniors, increasing our community gardens, and adding sidewalks and walking trails.

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