About Mandisha Thomas


As a 15-year resident, business owner and healthcare industry veteran, I aim to champion legislation that boosts economic development, achieves environmental justice, attracts quality healthcare providers, and increases access to mental health


Now more than ever, we need proactive leadership, fresh perspectives and an energetic commitment to the families of District 65. For several years, I’ve lent my voice and invested my energy to help to ensure that we have access to resources and the quality of life that we deserve. I’m committed to continuing this work on a larger scale as the next State Representative in District 65.


I have served as a Community Engagement Specialist for Georgia State Representative Debra Bazemore and worked on Nancy Pelosi’s campaign during her run for California State Representative. My efforts with the city-hood movement for the new City of South Fulton are what opened my eyes to the need for committed leadership.


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Grambling State University and my Master of Administration from Central Michigan University. I currently serve on the board of Keep South Fulton Beautiful and as the Vice Chair of the South
Fulton Food Policy Council. I am an active member of the South Fulton Parkway Alliance, and Cliftondale Community Club where I have spearheaded the annual Fall Festival for seven years. As a Post Seat Holder for the Fulton County Democratic
Party, my goal is to continue to keep citizens engaged and aware of the issues facing House District 65 and the entire State of Georgia. A vote for me is a vote for a collaborator, a rapport builder, and a community advocate who will be present and
accessible to all constituents. 

Join me in my quest by voting “Mandisha Thomas for Georgia State House 65 Representative!”

"The People's Seat!"

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